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Vindication of Michael Jackson? Wrongful death verdict and withdrawal of sexual molestation charges would vindicate the King of Pop once and for all.

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What would be the ultimate vindication of Michael Jackson?


There are many possible answers to this question and I'm certain that depending who's speaking the answer would be different. So while reading my thoughts, please keep in mind that this is only one person's opinion. 


Based on the many news reports surrounding the on-going trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Murray, I believe that Dr. Murray ought to be punished for his negligence and tardiness. According to the media, he's violated the guidelines for the recommended purpose and use of Propofol. He's left Michael Jackson unattended in the last minutes of his life. He's implied that the singer self-administered the fatal dose of the drug and then retracted this allegation. As MJ lie dying, Dr. Murray was busy covering his own misdeeds and proceeded with life-saving efforts only after having removed damning evidence from the scene which delayed the critical 911 call. His CPR efforts were quite incompetent. Finally, he provided misleading information to the hospital doctors who were trying to save Michael. If you consider the individual elements of his conduct and all of them together - apart even from his misuse of Propofol - it seems to me that he was less than trustworthy and less than capable as a physician. 

UPDATE: on 11/07/11 Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter by Los Angeles jury and was led away from the courthouse in handcuffs; his medical license suspended. The verdict is pending.

UPDATE: on 11/28/11 Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to 4 years in prison (the maximum punishment available for involuntary manslaughter) and lost his medical license. The punishment doesn't seem to fit the crime.

(How disgusting that Dr. Murray had the audacity to complain that he felt “betrayed and entrapped by Michael Jackson” and attempted to further besmear MJ by painting him as a drug user and addict. Aren't doctors supposed to treat ANY patient, regardless of his problems, including drug dependence? "Betrayed and entrapped"? What stopped the "good" doctor from saying "no" to a $150.000 a month salary and walking away from his patient while the patient was alive?...)  

Michael Jackson is still dead, unable to care for his children or continue his artistic career. while Dr. Murray will spend about 20 months in a room by himself like a child sentenced to a "time-out". It doesn't strike me as fair. Having Dr. Murray PERMANENTLY BANNED from practicing medicine anywhere, would be a real vindication of Michael Jackson.


Another important factor that would greatly contribute to the vindication of Michael Jackson would be if the first boy who's accused him of sexual molestation - who is an adult now - came out of the shadows and withdrew his allegations. I didn't know Michael Jackson personally and obviously I wasn't an eyewitness to any controversy surrounding him. Still, it seems strange to me that an alleged "child molester" hung so faithfully and PUBLICLY to his commitment to children. That a "deviant" would expand considerable resources to help seriously ill children.... That he was so passionate about kids he's become a father of three and raised them alone WITHOUT any sexual misconduct rumors. Since wrong-doing is usually committed in secret and well-concealed, I have doubts about sexual child abuse charges leveled against Michael Jackson who didn't hide his affinity to children and CHILDHOOD even in media interviews. To become as successful as Michael Jackson has become, he must have been quite bright. I believe that If MJ was in fact a "serial child molester" he would have hidden his feelings for children and not publicly elaborated upon them. I suspect that Michael Jackson's love for - and philanthropy toward - children was his way of experiencing the joys of childhood... by proxy.   


When all is said and done, the ultimate vindication of Michael Jackson are his children and his artistic legacy. His children love him: they are healthy and successful; they grew up surrounded by love. None of them has ever complained of being molested. And Michael Jackson's work as an artists? His artistic contribution equals that of Elvis Presley and the Beatles and is sure to go into history.



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