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Michael Jackson Life Story

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What is Michael Jackson Life Story? Since the King of Pop's death in 2009 the interest in his life, children, career and the many controversies that surrounded him in life is at all time high.


No one's life - the life of Michael Jackson included - can be told in detail within a brief essay that's why - by necessity - this is but a sketch of a life lived big and cut short.


So, here is Michael Jackson life story: Michael was born on August 29th 1958, in Gary Indiana. (He’s had eight siblings: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Rebbie, La Toya, Randy, and Janet.)
Michael started his career at the age of 7 as the lead singer of the Jackson 5; the group consisted of Michael Jackson and his older brothers and was managed by his domineering father, Joseph. Eventually the band became a success and Michael Jackson achieved stardom at the age of eleven.

Few years later Michael embarked on a solo career and introduced African American influence into the world of pop music. He achieved major success as a solo artist, attracting millions of devoted fans. A whole generation of fans followed his every move and supported his success. Millions believed in his talent and Michael didn't let his fans down. He delivered by creating unique and original work: unforgettable live performances, albums and videos, AND by breaking many records. Michael Jackson's top hits speak for themselves.

Three of his albums: "Bad", "Thriller" and "Off the Wall" have broken all existing popularity and sales records. He was listed as the most successful entertainer in the world by Guinness World of Records. Michael has also earned 13 Grammys………


Among Michael Jackson’s most successful works are "For you and for Me", "There Are People Dying", "Make It A Better Place", "If You Care Enough", "For The Living", "Heal the World", "And The Entire Human Race" and "Make A Better Place”.

Michael Jackson’s unique dancing skills and singing talent have set a new standard. Many have learned from and many aspire to achieve his mastery. His videos inspired a new genre………


Michael Jackson's career span nearly 40 years and on a professional level he not only succeeded but exceeded all expectations and seduced the world with his talent. Michael Jackson's career speaks for itself. But all the work, self-sacrifice, fame and success came with a price that he's had to pay as a person and here the real Michael Jackson life story gets complicated.....

After all, Michael Jackson was not only an artists but a human being who unlike the larger than life artist had his struggles. One of them was the insecurity about his appearance which he had tried to correct and then perfect for most of his life. Another was his insistence on preserving his childhood dreams which resulted in the creation of the Neverland Ranch complete with an amusement park and a zoo. Michael was also known for understanding and loving children and on several occasions was accused of child molestation. The shadow of these accusations did irreparable damage to his reputation, career and income.


Michael Jackson's been both: a legend and a mystery. Even though he's had many siblings and parents, he's chosen to live in isolation. The only people who knew the real, grown up, private Michael Jackson the way he really was 24 hours a day and off-camera are his kids.


Gossip about an alleged fourth child aside, Michael Jackson left behind three children. Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (better known as Prince) was born on February 13, 1997; his sister Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is one year younger and was born on April 3, 1998. Both Michael Jr. and Paris were born during Michael Jackson's marriage to Deborah Jeanne Rowe, a dermatology nurse and his long-time friend. The couple divorced in 1999 on good terms. Michael Jackson got full custody of the children, the legal wrangling over the terms of the custody however were not resolved until 2006.


Michael's second marriage to Lisa Marie Presley was childless.


Michael Jackson's third child, Prince Michael Jackson II (affectionately called "Blanket") was born in 2002. According to various sources, "Blanket" is the product of artificial insemination. His mother remains unknown; it is said that MJ is the biological father.


Two of Michael Jackson's children have caught public attention. MJ's daughter Paris who spoke so movingly of her father at his memorial service is unforgettable. "Blanket" became a worldwide sensation on the balcony of Hotel Adlon in Berlin when his father showed him to the world in a manner some thought was less than responsible.


Everybody wants to know more about MJ Kids; we'll be watching Michael Jackson's children grow up and hope they'll share some of their memories of their famous father.

Michael Jackson was a unique and prolific artist, as a person an original, and as a human being a notable philanthropist who's helped millions of people worldwide through his charities.


No Michael Jackson life story could be told without posing this question: was Michael Vindicated?

Michael Jackson had a very rich life. (Rich, not necessarily a happy one.) He's experienced unparalleled success; has been adored by millions of fans; mingled with the rich and famous of the world. He lived like a king (in keeping with his moniker "King of Pop"); created his very own kingdom which he named Neverland after the world described in his favorite book "Peter Pan". MJ filled his make-believe-kingdom with everything a kid's heart may desire, quite likely to compensate for the childhood he himself never had.


He lived his dreams.


Unfortunately, Michael Jackson experienced also a fall from grace. He's had to face tough accusations, ostracism, financial troubles, loneliness, and a fair share of controversy as well as scrutiny.


MJ has been working on his comeback in the months leading to his untimely death but died just short of actually making it.


And what happened upon his passing? Enormous, spontaneous outburst of love. A revival of interest in his work. How to understand this phenomenon? There was a time when Michael Jackson was convicted in the court of public opinion. When most tabloids made money by besmearing him...


His death seems to have turned the tide in Michael Jackson's favor, once again.

The outburst of love, support, and recognition that followed his death left us with the image of Michael Jackson Vindicated. Sad, isn't it? In the last years of his life, the world seemed to be against him. His finances were in disarray..... Was Michael Jackson too fragile or was the world unfair?


What is Michael Jackson life story? A story of extra-ordinary talent, one-of-a-kind success, major highs and tragic lows. A life befitting a King, or in this case: the King of Pop.


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MJ Death Trial

Michael Jackson’s doctor (Conrad Murray) who was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson was ordered to stand trial after a six day preliminary hearing. While announcing his decision, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor ordered also that Dr. Murray be stripped of his medical license. (For now he no longer has the right to practice medicine in California.)

 If convicted, Dr. Murray could spend up to four years in prison.


According to reports, Dr. Murray used Propofol as a sleeping aid; failed to provide proper care to a patient in distress; and finally, delayed calling 911 by 20 minutes, a time he used to hide evidence which would expose his improper usage of Propofol. As expected in a high profile case, rumors are swirling, with Dr. Murray’s lawyers accusing Michael Jackson of administering the fatal dose of the drug himself…..  


UPDATE: On 11/07/11 Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and stripped of his medical license. The verdict is pending. According to reports among anticipated consequences for Dr. Murray are: probation, up to 4 years in prison and / or the loss of his medical license.


UPDATE: on 11/28/11 Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to 4 years in prison (the maximum punishment available for involuntary manslaughter) and lost his medical license. The punishment doesn't seem to fit the crime.



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