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Michael Jackson's career - just like his life - was nothing short of amazing. From modest beginnings to the very top of the world. His hits, his dancing, his performances, his unforgettable videos. We all stand in awe of MJ's talent and achievements.


Born into modest family with many children, Michael Jackson was just a little kid when he started, at the ripe age of 5. (You might say that he started earning a living as a child!) 


He's begun as the lead singer in his older brothers' band but went solo as a teenager. A whole generation of fans followed his every move and supported his success. Millions believed in his talent and Michael didn't let his fans down. He delivered by creating unique and original work, unforgettable live performances and videos, AND by breaking many records. MJ Top Hits speak for themselves.


Michael Jackson's career span nearly 40 years so I'm naming here only a few of Michael Jackson's career highlights:


  • Three of his albums: "Bad", "Thriller" and "Off the Wall" have broken all popularity and sales records.

  • Michael Jackson was listed as the most successful entertainer in the world by Guinness World of Records.

  • Michael has also earned 13 Grammys………

Among Michael Jackson’s most successful works are "For you and for Me", "There Are People Dying", "Make It A Better Place", "If You Care Enough", "For The Living", "Heal the World", "And The Entire Human Race" and "Make A Better Place”.
Michael Jackson’s unique dancing skills and singing talent set a standard that many have followed since.


Michael Jackson's career took the little boy from Gary, Indiana all the way to the White House.


Photograph of The Reagans and Michael Jackson at the White House Ceremony to launch the Campaign against Drunk Driving, 05/14/1984. This image is in the public domain.


On a professional level he not only succeeded but exceeded any expectations and seduced the world with his talent. Michael Jackson's Career speaks for itself. But all the work, self-sacrifice, fame and success came with a price that he's had to pay as a person.....


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