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As much as we all love Michael Jackson, there is no denying that he's been quite eccentric and accompanied by a fair share of gossip and sometimes even scandals.

Fame and controversy generate gossip, so right or wrong, there will be plenty of Michael Jackson gossip going around for many years to come....


There have been questions surrounding Michael Jackson's skin color: did he bleach it to appear white? Did he have a skin condition that caused it to become lighter?

  • What was his obsession with plastic surgery?

  • Why was he obsessed with children?

  • Why Neverland?

  • Why are his children white?

Michael Jackson gossip will continue circulating for many reasons, some of them are:

  • his fame isn't about to fade any time soon

  • his public persona was and continues to be fascinating

  • people will always want to know more about the artist whose work lives

  • Michael Jackson is no longer with us and can't correct gossip

Michael Jackson takes Martin Bashir shopping in the controversial ITV documentary which revived suspicions about Michael Jackson's conduct around children. Photograph: Public Domain


Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch where he was trying to experience the joys of childhood he didn't have. Also the place were the alleged child molestation has taken place. Michael Jackson was found not guilty of the charges leveled against him but never returned to live at the Neverland Ranch. (Photo: Public Domain.)


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