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Michael Jackson's been both: a legend and a mystery. Even though he's had many siblings and parents, he's chosen to live in isolation. The only people who knew the real, private Michael Jackson the way he really was 24 hours a day and off-camera are his kids.


Gossip about an alleged fourth child aside, Michael Jackson left behind three children. Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (better known as Prince) was born on February 13, 1997; his sister Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is one year younger and was born on April 3, 1998. These MJ kids were born during Michael Jackson's marriage to Deborah Jeanne Rowe, a dermatology nurse and his long-time friend. The couple divorced in 1999 on good terms. Michael Jackson got full custody of the children however legal wrangling over the terms of the custody were not resolved until 2006.


Michael's second marriage to Lisa Marie Presley was childless.


Michael Jackson's third child, Prince Michael Jackson II (affectionately called "Blanket") was born in 2002. According to various sources, "Blanket" is the product of artificial insemination. His mother remains unknown; it is said that MJ is the biological father.


Two of Michael Jackson's children have caught public attention. MJ's daughter Paris who spoke so movingly of her father during a tribute to him. "Blanket" became a worldwide sensation on the balcony of Hotel Adlon in Berlin when his father showed him to the world in a manner some thought was less than responsible.


Today Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. and his sister Paris are attending a private school in Sherman Oaks, CA and both have adjusted well. The youngest, "Blanket" is still being home-schooled.


Everybody wants to know more about MJ Kids; we'll be watching MJ Kids grow up and hope they'll share some of their memories of their famous father.


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