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On June 25, 2009 we've lost a Legend. The bigger than life King of Pop has died under tragic circumstances. The impressive legacy of Michael Jackson will live forever.

Michael Jackson was born on August 29th 1958, in Gary Indiana. (He’s had eight siblings.)
Michael started his career at the age of 7 as the lead singer of the Jackson5; the group consisted of his older brothers and was managed by his domineering father, Joseph.
Eventually the band became a success and Michael Jackson achieved stardom at the age of eleven.
Few years later Michael embarked on a solo career and introduced African American influence into the world of pop music. He achieved major success as solo artist, attracting millions of devoted fans.
Three of his albums: "Bad", "Thriller" and "Off the Wall" have broken all existing popularity and sales records. He was listed as the most successful entertainer in the world by Guinness World of Records. Michael has also earned 13 Grammys………


Among Michael Jackson’s most successful works are:

  • "For You and for Me",

  • "There Are People Dying",

  • "Make It A Better Place",

  • "If You Care Enough",

  • "For The Living", "Heal the World",

  • "And The Entire Human Race"

  • and "Make A Better Place”.

Michael Jackson’s unique dancing skills and singing talent made him a standard that many have learned from. His videos originated a new genre………

But Michael was not only an artists but a human being who unlike the larger than life artist had his struggles. One of them was the insecurity about his appearance which he had tried to correct and then perfect for most of his life. Another was his insistence on preserving his childhood dreams which resulted in the creation of the Neverland Ranch complete with an amusement park and a zoo. Michael was also known for understanding and loving children and on several occasions was accused of child molestation. The shadow of these accusations did irreparable damage to his reputation and his career.

Michael longed for a family and was married twice. Unfortunately, none of the marriages lasted. What did last however was his devotion to children and Michael became the proud father of three. (According to some reports, another young man is mentioned as his fourth child but no proof of Michael’s paternity of the alleged fourth child has been published.)

Michael Jackson was a unique and prolific artist, as a person an original, and as a human being a philanthropist who's helped millions of people worldwide through his charities.


Photo: BBC News Channel confirms Michael Jackson's death; Photo credit: Public Domain

Michael Jackson, the person has died; the legacy of Michael Jackson lives on.

The legacy of Michael Jackson is beyond any doubt his contribution to popular music and to pop culture at large. Many grew up with his music; his incredible videos continue attracting new following as we speak. Artists from younger generations have been defined by his influence and so will many still to come.


Photo Credit: White House © Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons


Michael Jackson once said: "I'd like to live forever............"


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